MIC Chair

Dean Savoca, M.Ed., CSP™ – MIC Chair

Earlier this year, we had an outside facilitator attend our MIC council meeting, and afterwards, he approached me and said, “I can now see why MIC is so strong. There is such a spirit of community and collaboration here, although I’m not sure how you get anything done with all that hugging and kissing that goes on before the meeting!”

I am constantly amazed at the humility and kindness, and sharp wit and creative minds that permeate this group. In a nutshell, MIC reflects the spirit of hospitality itself. We know, because we’re all in this business, that hospitality is not just what we do, but how we relate to one another while doing it.

We are an exceptional community. We like each other! We’re fun and talented and energetic and committed – and we will always make time in the agenda for hugging and kissing and catching up. We have built an excellent reputation in the hospitality industry. Like the hospitality industry itself, MIC is successfully founded on the principle of powerful collaboration – that we — as individuals and associations — are better, and our overall achievements in the industry are greater, because we are stronger TOGETHER.

While the pace of our industry seems to continue to go faster with globalization, technology and the demand to do more with less, some things will continue to ring true. Collaboration, courtesy, compassion, communication and a commitment to each other will always win the day. This is what makes us who we are at MIC, and I am exceedingly grateful to be a part of it. That, and all the hugs and kisses.

Dean Savoca is president of Savoca Performance Group, the performance development partner for hospitality leaders who want highly-effective teams that are focused, aligned and inspired. Simply put, Dean helps leaders coach their people. A 25-year veteran of the meetings and events industry, Dean is a board certified executive coach, maintains an active coaching practice, and speaks across the country on leadership, influence and development.